Abbie Chatfield Post N**ked Image in Instagram Post, Looked Too Hot

Abbie Chatfield Post N**ked Image in Instagram Post, Looked Too Hot

After her “inappropriate statement” about Margot Robbie’s clothing, Abbie Chatfield posted a photo of herself completely naked on social media.

Abbie Chatfield, an Australian radio host, just shared a picture of herself completely undressed, which is the ideal distraction from the Margot Robbie clothing controversy.

Fans have claimed that the celebrity made an “inappropriate” remark regarding Margot Robbie’s outfit at the Oscars.

She has already diverted attention away from her followers, however, with the lovely image of her donning a soft white towel and minuscule g-string.


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The 27-year-old model showed her amazing figure while posing with the towel that was positioned in just the right spot.

Abbie’s gorgeous brown locks, which perfectly framed her beautiful features when she was in the sauna, were moist around her face.

She captioned the post: “Five slides to make up for the fact I haven’t posted anything but work in a month.”

In a third image, The Bachelor star looked backward at the camera while sticking out her curvy behind.

Abbie didn’t wear any makeup for the sexy photo showcasing her natural beauty. As soon as possible, fans swarmed to the comments area to laud the celebrity.

One said: “Omg So hot. Your just perfection.”

While a second wrote: “This queen my god.”

A third penned: “The best she’s ever looked!”

Another wrote: “She did that. she is the moment.”

That happens after the celebrity got into trouble with fans for making an “inappropriate” remark regarding Margot Robbie’s Oscars attire.

The celebrity said in a photo of Margot Robbie on stage giving an award: “She seems better than ever. I’m through!”

Several of her fans took this comment as a sly compliment that implied Margot’s prior red-carpet appearances weren’t up to par.

In response to the criticism, Abbie responded to fans by telling them to “take a f**king break” and clarifying that she hadn’t intended to disparage Margot.

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