Are George And Dream Dating: Is There Any Connection Between Them

Are George And Dream Dating: Is There Any Connection Between Them

Are George And Dream Dating: Streamers of Minecraft are gaining popularity on social media sites. George with the username GeorgeNotFound and Dream with the username DreamWasTaken are among them.

The dream is the most popular of the two, having over 7 million YouTube followers across all of his accounts. His primary YouTube channel has over 6.54 million subscribers, while his Twitch profile has an impressive 550 thousand members.

George, on the other hand, is there. His YouTube channel maintains a staggering 1.81 million subscribers and all Minecraft gamers like watching his videos. Given that he has only recently begun his career as a content producer and player, his popularity is expected to grow over time.

While playing the game together, Dream and George demonstrated their closeness. Sometimes, the two operate as allies and destroy foes in Minecraft together. On occasion, the two engage in fights against one another in friendly Minecraft adventures, and everyone adores watching them work together.

If you believe yourself to be someone who desires constant updates regarding George and Dream’s relationship, then you have come to the perfect spot. Here, we conclude Dream and George’s friendship as YouTube partners and friends in general, as well as Dream’s progress on YouTube. We will also discuss some intimate elements of the lives of these two artists.

Are George and Dream Dating?

Fans are currently obsessed with the relationship between Dream and George. They are promoting the two on social media sites including Twitter and YouTube. This occurred after the two boys exchanged flirtatious Minecraft comments.

According to the belief of their countless admirers in the media, Dream and George are more than just YouTube celebrities or Minecraft players that collaborate on excursions.

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People have spread the notion that the two may have a hidden connection. Even though they are throwing blatant indications about it, nobody truly knows about it yet. The relationship rumor is no longer restricted to guesses after all this time. The citizens now have substantial evidence regarding the issue.

Take a look at any video of Dream and George together, and you will see them flirting. Back in the video titled Beating Minecraft with One Inventory Slot…, it is revealed that Dream was particularly amorous with George and even sent him flowers in the game.

He spent the remaining time attempting to convince George to declare “I love you.” Well, George has also reciprocated with the same flirtatious remarks. Once, Dream lost a wager of one thousand dollars to George. In addition to the $1,000 award, he also received the phone number of Dream’s mother.

Relationship Status

Later, it was discovered that George had sent a text message to Dream’s mother informing her about her son’s partner. Well, you guys should be aware that the relationship between George and Dream is beyond that of simple buddies.

Indeed, the two have a profound fondness for one another. In November 2019, it was seen that Dream had given George about $5,000 to spend on Amazon. This was practically 10 times the amount of money he gifted to his other friends on the network, such as Sapnap and BadBoyHalo.

The two have also made it quite known on Twitter that something strange is going on in their relationship. George tweeted on April 1, 2020, that he and Dream will be getting married shortly. Although the supporters understood it was all a hoax, since he has not proposed to Dream in any form, he did not propose to her.

Later in time, George tweeted again jokingly that their wedding had been canceled. If you are still not convinced by this evidence, let us share one of George’s most blatant tweets. He responded to one of Dream’s tweets by expressing his affection for him.

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