Lookism Episode 9 Update: Will Be There Episode 9?

Lookism Episode 9 Update: Will Be There Episode 9?

People have set standards for their bodies that are impossible to reach because of how much they admire and compare themselves to “influencers” online. This is because the world has the most access to information online through social media and the web.

People who think they don’t fit the mold or don’t have certain spiritual high points often feel unworthy and live with low self-worth or insecurity all the time. People often take advantage of this and bully others, leaving them with wounds that will never heal.

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It’s time for the media to realize that some people, especially younger viewers, pay attention to what they say. This is what the new manga series, Lookism, and the anime series, which has just started, are trying to do.

Park Tae-joon's Lookism: Everything you need to know about the much-awaited Korean anime

Even though it’s not the only one, it does a great job of showing the situation in a bloody, realistic way so that everyone can understand how terrible it really is. Lookism has been around for a long time and has stayed popular because it has interesting plot twists and stays true to its main purpose.

This anime-manga series is about a character who isn’t popular at all and gets picked on by his other classmates because he’s fat. On top of that, a local thug is bothering and mistreating him. After moving to Seoul, he finds out he can switch between two bodies.

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Both the person who is “ugly” and overweight and the person who is tall and beautiful fit the stereotype of a dishonest society. Whenever he hires one of them, the other one falls asleep. During the day, he uses one part of his good looks, and at night, he uses the other.

During this time, he sees and learns how society treats people very differently based on how they look. As a result, his whole life is turned on its head. During the day, he is a well-known celebrity, but when he turns back to himself at night, he is heartbroken because he realizes that the night is really his true day.

Is Lookism Episode 8 the last one?

When Daniel takes a close look at his old body, he thinks he is not attractive and weak. It makes him feel like a stepping stone that everyone can use and then leave behind. So he can deal with all of this, he starts to work out in the store.

But he doesn’t notice that it’s a public place where people come and go all the time, which is what happens. When a very pretty girl walks into the store, she sees an adult man working out in the middle of the store. Crystal Choi turned out to be the girl in question.

At first, Daniel is a little embarrassed because he thinks she might not like seeing him like that. But she does the opposite of what she should. She feels very at ease around him and even offers him a drink while she admires his drive and determination to improve himself.

Doo and the rest of the gang decided to pick on someone else again, so they called Jiho and told him to steal a charger from the store. Jiho tries to steal and run away, but he fails miserably. He thinks that Daniel will turn him over to the police, but to his surprise, Daniel handles the situation well.

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Daniel tries to be as nice to Jiho as he can, and Jiho appreciates that. Doo, who is watching this, recognizes Daniel and suggests that the two of them fight. A fight until only one person is left. Vasco, who is in another room listening to the music, can hear what is being said in the other room.

Lookism Episode 9 Update

All of the fans have been worrying everyone they could to find out what’s going on with this anime, hoping to hear some good news. Many of them thought that maybe this wasn’t the end and that there might be an episode 9 or even more episodes after this.

Even though everyone wants this to happen, the sad truth is that the beloved show is over. With only eight episodes, it was one of the best shows of the year.

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