MASOODA on Ott Platform Release Date, Cast and Where to Watch

MASOODA on Ott Platform Release Date, Cast and Where to Watch

Numerous viewers have already voted it the year’s best horror film. Here’s when you might expect to find Masooda on an OTT service.

Horror fans will like the film Masooda,’ which is now in theatres and will soon be accessible online. The film has received good reviews and is called a “must-see” by critics despite its modest budget.

And in the near future, many individuals who despise coming to movie theatres will be able to see the film online via an OTT platform. Reviewers and spectators alike have commended the film’s outstanding performances by its significant actors as well as its complete narrative and mood, despite its Telegu language.

The film was released on November 18; it was produced by Rahul Yadav Nakka and directed by rookie Sai Kiran. It has already been praised as the best horror picture of the year.

Despite its modest budget and heavy reliance on word-of-mouth advertising, the film has already grossed 10 crores at the box office.

“MASOODA” Release date and Where to Watch

On December 21, 2022, ‘Massoda’ will make its OTT premiere on the south’s most popular OTT platform, Aha. If you have a subscription to the platform, you can watch this movie online.

“MASOODA” Cast and Story

In the film, Thiruveer, Kavya Kalyan Ram, and Subhalekha Sudhakar play key roles.

In the narrative, a single woman and her lone kid are confronted by a spirit intent on murdering the mother’s daughter. When this occurs, the two worlds are turned upside down, and they are forced to seek aid from a neighbor in order to resist it.

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