Where is Carl Lentz in 2023? Here’s Everything Everyone Needs to Know About Carl Lentz

Where is Carl Lentz in 2023? Here’s Everything Everyone Needs to Know About Carl Lentz

The popular dark comedy series The Righteous Gemstones on HBO illuminates the world of megachurches and how they work, among other things. This year, the second season of the show was completed.

We are confident that all The Righteous Gemstones enthusiasts are now searching for material. There is a new docuseries on Discovery Plus that will satisfy your appetite for scandalous preachers, so don’t worry.

Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed is a new documentary series that sheds light on the church’s various scandals, including its alleged abusive and unethical behavior. Currently, Hillsong Church: A Megachurch Exposed is available to view on Discovery+.

Former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz is one of the personalities examined in depth in the three-part documentary. Continue reading to learn more about his current location and personal life.

Here’s Everything Everyone Needs to Know About Carl Lentz

Let us inform those of you who are ignorant that Carl Lentz is a former Hillsong pastor. In 2010, he joined Hillsong and shortly thereafter became the New York branch’s leader.


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Carl acted as a celebrity preacher and spiritual counselor to A-list celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez. He attracted a great deal of attention to the church, but over a decade later he was sacked.

Lentz was sacked by Hillsong Global Pastor Brian Houston in 2020 for “leadership challenges, trust violations, and moral failings.” Churchgoers said that Carl was involved in many affairs.

According to reports, one of his lovers was a lady called Ranin Karim, whose five-month romance would feature prominently in the documentary series Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed.

In May 2021, Carl’s former nanny, Leona Kimes, published a post on Medium exposing her employer’s bullying and sexual abuse. Leona confirmed to Religion News Service during the same month that her comment was about Lentz.

What did Carl Lentz say during his time at Hillsong?

After being fired from Hillsong in November 2020, Carl published a long statement on the social media network Instagram. He uploaded a photo of himself, his wife Laura, and their three children.

Lentz began his letter at that time by stating, “Our time at HillsongNYC has ended. This is a difficult conclusion to what has been the most incredible, significant, and remarkable chapter of our lives.

I've got a new hot guy for y'all, so here we go! This is Carl Lentz (with Justin Bieber, who he's been spotted wi… | Justin bieber, Carl lentz, Justin bieber images

Leading this church has been a privilege in every sense of the word, and it is difficult to express how much we have loved and will continue to love the incredible members of this church.

Carl said, “I am truly sorry for betraying the confidence of so many individuals that we have enjoyed serving, and I recognize that this information can be very difficult and perplexing for people to hear and comprehend.

I would have loved to express this to you personally, with my voice, because you deserve it. However, I will not have that opportunity.

He closed the letter by saying, “Thank you for your grace and kindness, particularly during this holiday season, since you have done so much to protect and love us throughout this ordeal. We, the Lentz family, do not know what this new chapter will entail, but we shall enter it together with optimism and gratitude for God’s favor.

Where is Carl Lentz in 2023?

According to the New York Post, Carl Lentz currently lives in Florida. On the social media network Instagram, he periodically updates his fans with information about his everyday life.

In one of his most recent Instagram postings, Lentz informed his followers, “It has been a difficult path, but we are alive, at peace, and by the grace of God, TOGETHER. We do not know what the future holds for us, but I am very grateful that we will face it as a family.”

Carl Lentz’s Wife

Laura Lentz is Carl’s wife, and she has remained at his side following his adultery and suspension from Hillsong. The couple has three children together: two daughters and one son. Amidst her husband’s scandals and charges, she frequently discusses her mental health issues.

Cheating pastor Carl Lentz in 'intense therapy' with wife

In September 2022, Laura provided an update on their relationship. She stated at the time, “It has been difficult and heck yeah, it has taken A LOT of effort over the past 22 months (but who’s counting?) to make our marriage what it is today, and we will never stop working on ourselves, for our marriage and for our children!”

She said, “I am aware that many people do not or would never do what I have chosen to do, and that’s okay, it’s not for everyone!! I look forward to sharing our experience and how I arrived at this conclusion, as I believe it will assist a great number of others…”

Laura said, “But I am very proud of my husband for taking on this duty! Primarily, I’m thankful for a guy who has shown humility and refrained from defending himself; he has kept his mouth shut in public and has remained focused on what matters most: our family!”

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