Who Is Jade Ramey? Is She Diddy’s New Love Interest?

Who Is Jade Ramey? Is She Diddy's New Love Interest?

It looks like Diddy is seeking another lady in his romantic life, and he may have already found her in Jade Ramey. This new dating life began rather recently, during the past few days or weeks.

The youthful and energetic rapper of the business just gave birth to his seventh kid, and he has lately been photographed in public with a young, stunningly gorgeous woman.

So without further hesitation, let’s take a quick look at this fresh young woman who has captured the rapper’s interest and time.

Who Is Jade Ramey?

Jade Ramey is a podcaster and a stunning Instagram model. According to her Instagram account, she was a brilliant and influential Instagram model, and the new couple was captured enjoying a breezy night out at Nobu.

According to insiders, it is rather intriguing that Diddy, whose actual name is Sean Combs, dated Shawntya four days before his date with Jade Ramey.


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When we delve a bit more, we discover that Jade Ramey is one of the captivating hosts of a podcast show called Free Game Podcast, and she has gained fame in the business mostly via this means.

Jade Ramey’s podcasts are accessible on several platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube, and Facebook.

Jade Ramey has about one million Instagram followers, and her feed is watched by millions of people from all over the world. So as we peruse her profile, we see that she has shared several images of her trip journals and pictures with her gorgeous friends and family.

We were only able to obtain these details on this young and charming model because she is on her way to becoming a major celebrity.

As soon as the new couple was seen kissing, curious onlookers rushed to learn more about the new girl in town and the renowned rapper. There is no further information on her early life or personal life available on the Internet.

Recent Diddy Relationship With Shawantya Joseph

Four days before his most recent outing with Jade Ramey, the famous American rapper Diddy aka Sean Combs was seen with Shawantya Joseph in New York City, one of the most enthralling cities in the world.


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Shawantya Joseph is also one of the captivating and incredibly attractive media influencers, and the two were seen holding hands.

In addition, they wore identical all-black ensembles, and according to accounts, they had a tough time keeping their dazzling eyes off each other. During their excursion through New York City, they were incredibly close and starved for dialogue and intimacy.

Consequently, after four days, Diddy’s eyes met another woman, and they are now engaged. As is well knowledge, Diddy is a devoted proponent of polyamorous relationships; he has been connected with several women and is the father of seven children.

Recently, Diddy welcomed his seventh child!

The mother of his seventh kid was just revealed, and the news quickly spread around the Internet. Diddy welcomed his adorable kid on October 15, 2022, and it took the renowned rapper two months to announce the news on social media.

After the news of the arrival of a new member of his family spread, people ran around like chickens with their heads cut off to learn more about the mother of his child.

When the baby’s birth certificate was released to the media, the answers to countless queries were finally provided. The mother of Diddy’s seventh kid was a Southern California-based cybersecurity officer named Dana Tran. However, more specifics surrounding how these two individuals met and their connection are unclear.

Diddy is undeniably one of the most remarkable rappers of his time, with an estimated net worth of $1 billion. He is best and most widely recognized by his several stage names, including Daddy, P.Diddy, and Puffy.

His polyamorous relationship with Yung Miami, one of the most gifted rappers in the industry, is well-known to all of us. They both openly declared their commitment-free relationship.

When it was announced that Diddy would become a father for the seventh time, fans across the world were eager to hear Yung Miami’s reaction.

However, as subtle as it may sound, she is not troubled by having numerous relationships at the same time, which is what they meant by being in a polyamorous relationship.

Now that he has given birth to his seventh kid, Diddy is attempting to have several satisfying relationships rather than committing to one for life.

Beyond his personal matters, Diddy is a good parent, as seen by the fact that he gave his twin daughters two expensive automobiles for their sixteenth birthday, according to the current internet trending story. It was such wonderful and exciting news that Diddy presented.

His adored daughters’ range rovers, which he shares with his deceased ex-wife Kim Porter. Diddy never fails to display his passion and love for his seven children, who are the cornerstones of his life, despite his shifting dating life.

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